00stack.in Is my personal Website where i will put all the thing i work on it. Im a self taught programmer and a gamer. Online im The Vikingman.

Gaming on linux.

Im working to get every games working on linux.


Im using NixOs linux so my stuff on how to get thing working on linux are nix based. But some guide can help you find what its missing and witch proton or wine setup to use. The list and guides are updated when i found a solution



A retro looking game where you are the last of the elementian. A creature that change its aspect to addapt to the environment. You need to free your world from the evil forces as fast as possible. punch, kick, throw, transform to get trough the world of elementia.


Games Servers hosting.

Im currently hosting 2 minecraft servers. 1 Terraria server. 3 Factorio instances . I work to get a stable services to open the service to the public.