This is a work in progress...

How to install nixos on the pinebook pro.

1- Get Nix

curl | sh and follow the instruction on the screen.

2- Clone samueldr Respository

git clone

3- Check if /tmp is not in ram or if it has enough space (not needed for debian) Using : df -h if /tmp is mounted as tmpfs

systemctl mask tmp.mount

4- Run ./ Wait about 1.5 to 2 hours.

5- create The SD card Assuming /dev/mmcblk0 is the sdcard check before with lsblk

lsblk /dev/mmcblk0 && sudo dd if=$(echo result/sd-image/*.img) of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=8M oflag=direct status=progress

if you want to install on the EMMC you will need to copy the image on the SD card cp $(echo result/sd-image/*.img) (sd-card path)/home/nixos

6- Boot with the SD card

7- connect to the wifi network become root (sudo su)

wpa_supplicant -B -i interface -c <(wpa_passphrase 'SSID' 'key')

Replace SSID with your network name And key with the password for the network then



sudo nixos-generate-config

nix-shell -p git

cd /etc/nixos/

git clone

9- Edit configuration

sudo nano /etc/nixos/configuration.nix


{ imports = [ .../pinebook-pro/pinebook_pro.nix ]; }

10 - Rebuild nixos

sudo nixos-rebuild boot

11 - Reboot and enjoy

This guide is for an sdcard setup. To get it on emmc is comming soon

Also a background for the desktop